Fellows’ Work Plans

At the core of the Partnership for Change’s philosophy is the idea that the expertise needed to remodel our education system exists within our communities. Local educators do not have the time to engage in worthwhile research and development during a normal school year. It is challenging for teachers to find the support necessary to bring truly innovative practices to their classrooms. Even more rarely still do these efforts, when they happen, affect school culture as a whole. In order to create cutting edge practices in our schools, practitioners need to be freed up from their traditional teaching duties to immerse themselves in larger conversations around education reform with an eye toward local application.

In funding fellowships in each of the five Partnership inquiry areas, we are investing in local experts who will not only return to their practice with new ideas, but will serve both districts for years to come as regional experts in their respective areas. The fellows, along with the Implementation Teams, make up the research and development arm of the Partnership. This crucial component of the work helps us discover and create the possible.

These are our 2012-2013 Fellow’s Work Plans.  These are living documents that will give you a glimpse into the work of our fellows.

Jill’s Work Plan – Family School Partnerships

Dov’s Work Plan – Community Based Learning

Benjamin’s Work Plan – Youth Engagement and Leadership

Matthew’s Work Plan – Teaching and Learning Environment

Sarah’s Work Plan – Personalized and Proficiency Based Learning

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