In early 2012, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation announced a 3.7 million dollar award to the Winooski and Burlington School Districts to remodel the high school experience. The grant was awarded based on over a year of careful and deliberate planning by a wide range of community stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, administrators, and local community organizations. It marks significant movement toward student centered learning, taking into account the needs of each individual student to a degree never before imaginable given recent technological innovation.

At the heart of the Partnership for Change philosophy is the belief that the talent and drive needed to move our schools forward lies within our communities. For this reason, the Partnership has awarded five fellowships to local educators to support them in year long stints of intense research and development so that they may work along side of locally populated implementation teams to develop the most appropriate and cutting edge high school programming possible in our region.  For a more detailed description of the Partnership for Change, it’s structure, and its work plan, please visit http://www.partnershipforchangevt.org.

This blog will feature regular updates from the fellows and the Partnership co-coordinators as we continue our work to remodel Winooski and Burlington High School. Check back often to see what we’re thinking and talking about, what we’re reading, and what we’re doing. This blog is intended to increase outreach to our communities, but it is also intended to be another gateway into our work. We at the Partnership believe that the smartest person in the room is the room, and that the best solutions will come from active participation from all community stakeholders. So join in on the conversation, see what we’re doing, and contribute to helping all young people in Winooski and Burlington graduate from high school with the confidence, enthusiasm, skills, knowledge, and proficiency that will enable them to thrive in a complex global society.

Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to click on the Inquiry Areas on the sidebar to the left to see what our fellows are up to!

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