So Much to Glean

In an earlier post, Planting a Seed, I shared a small discovery that opened up more expansive questions. A recent experience seemed relevant, and timely–and could serve as a subsequent chapter.
The NPR program, State of the Re:Union, recently aired an episode focused on the city of Tucson, Arizona. While I found myself listening for a segment on the city’s schools, it wasn’t an education-related piece that jumped out. Instead, it was an 8-minute piece on the city’s fruit trees.
On one level, it’s a story about community, place, connection, and resilience. It may even offer some lessons about our own community’s growing diversity…
But I also wonder if it might also be a parable.
  • What untapped resources are left un-harvested here in Burlington and Winooski?
  • What would it look like if we mobilized to harvest our own bounty?
  • Where would that abundance be found?

One response to “So Much to Glean

  1. Thankfully, you’ll find abundance is everywhere. There are numerous locations along the waterfront, behind colleges and along rivers that would be spectacular for thriving learning environments. We could create and maintain orchards, forest habitats, perennial pollinator gardens and much more. Think of all the attendant lessons and benefits such as landscape design, resource stewardship, fundamental nutrition, physical fitness, and cooperation. Perhaps even business and entrepreneurship, too. There’s so much good we can do. Cheers!

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