Partnership Embarks on Innovation Tour in NYC

This Sunday, January 6th, a group of 30 individuals from Burlington and Winooski will embark on a learning journey to New York City.  The group includes students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members from both cities.  This trip was organized by the Partnership for Change’s Proficiency Based Learning Fellow, Sarah Bertucci, in collaboration with IDEA.

In NYC, the group will be visiting schools and community organizations that have done exceptional work in proficiency-based learning and serving their diverse student bodies, particularly ELL students.  Schools visited will be from the Internationals Network and the New York Performance Standards Consortium, among others.  See the full itinerary here.

This group will learn a lot from the site visits, but the real power of the tour lies in the learning community that will be created and the information that will be brought back and shared with Winooski and Burlington.  For our schools and communities to have their best future, we need to learn, grow, and work together as a diverse group from many backgrounds, playing many different roles.

Please follow their journey by watching the NYC Tour blog where they will post reflections, video, and information about their Twitter feed (@partnershipvt, #p4cnyctour).

The Partnership for Change, funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, seeks to remodel public education in Winooski and Burlington, Vermont to align with what our young people need to thrive in a complex global society.  Established in 2012, we represent a broad and diverse group helping to build a more prosperous future for our communities.  Specifically, the Partnership is committed to build more robust teaching and learning environments, create deeper family-school partnerships, generate community-based learning experiences, enhance youth engagement and leadership, and establish a proficiency-based system in which all learners are provided many opportunities to set and meet ambitious goals.

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